Duct Tape
Duct Tape

Waterproof General-purpose tape
No dispenser or scissors needed
Poly-coated woven silver cloth is durable and tear resistant
2″ X 60-Yards


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Hygrade Blue Poly Tarp
Hygrade Blue Poly Tarp
SKU#: NCI SKU#: Size:
MT1216 ET2025 Polywoven 12'X16'
MT1220 ET2030 Polywoven 10'X20'
MT1620 ET2045 Polywoven 16'X20'
MT2020 ET2075 Polywoven 20'X20'
MT2030 ET2100 Polywoven 20'X30'
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Manila Rope
Manila Rope
SKU#: NCI SKU#: Size:
MP1 ER1275 1/2″
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Nylon #18 braided seine twine 250ft white
Nylon #18 braided seine twine 250ft white

White twisted nylon seine twine is made of continuous filament which is strong and nearly indestructible. Excellent for tying, it resists mildew, rot, abrasion, oil grease and most chemicals. Also known as masons twine


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Nylon Rope
Nylon Rope

Typical applications for 3 Strand Nylon include:
Landscape and decoration use for either outdoor or indoor environments
Dock lines or anchor lines
Climbing and/or Undulation exercises (1 1/2″ or 2″ are recommended)
Rope swings (tire swings, seat swings, pond swings, etc.)
Drape tie-backs
Nautical decorative applications

SKU#: NCI SKU#: Size:
NR1 ER1310 1/2″
NR2 ER1315 5/8″
NR3 ER1320 3/4″
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Rubber Tie Down Strap
Rubber Tie Down Strap
SKU#: NCI SKU#: Info:
52101 ES2870 15″ Extends 20″-27″; With S-Hooks
52102 ES2871 21″ Extends 26″-38″; With S-Hooks
52103 ES2872 31″ Extends 36″-56″; With S-Hooks
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Tarp, Multiple Use Blue 10 X 20 Ft.
Tarp, Multiple Use Blue 10 X 20 Ft.

Made from extra strength weave
Heavy duty double laminated coating
Sun and fade resistant
Rot and rust proof
Rope reinforced hem – heat sealed seams
Grommets every 3 feet
Use for a wide variety of applications
Polywoven 10’X20′


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Yellow Poly Rope
Yellow Poly Rope

The only rope that floats. Use for dock lines, pools, watersports.
Highly visible and lightweight.
Resists rot, mildew, moisture and chemicals.
Hollow Braid – Super flexible, smooth diamond weave. Mark swimming lanes and anchor buoys.
3/16″ X 1200′ Roll


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