Diablo Srl
Diablo SRL

The new Diablo Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) offers superior protection, and its design makes it supremely lightweight and durable. The new Diablo SRL is available with steel or aluminum snap hooks or rebar hooks, and can be purchased on its own, or in a kit of two, which allows it to transform into a double unit. When the job requires a highly mobile and sturdy SRL, the Diablo is the perfect choice. The Diablo Single SRL includes a carabiner and the Diablo Double SRL Kit includes a carabiner and connector bracket. When used in combination with proper PPE (i.e., harness and anchor), the Diablo SRL has a capacity range up to 420lbs.

Extremely lightweight

Multiple hook configurations available

Double SRL Kits available

SKU#: NCI SKU#: Info:
11016 GR1100 Diablo Snap Hook
11052 GR1103 Diablo Double Srl Kit W/ Aluminum Snap Hook & 11055
11054 GR1104 Diablo Double Srl Kit W/ Steel Rebar Hook & 11055
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Double Blow Blocker Srl
Double Blow Blocker Srl

Lightweight system
Super strong housing
Left (L) & Right (R) indicators
‘Webbing Guides’ for longer life
Swivel top for better mobility
Disposable unit
Fully Repairable
G-Track RFID InfoChip Included

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Polyester Sling
Polyester Sling
ES2008 Sling Polyester 2″X8′ Twist Eye 2Ply
ES2012 Sling Polyester 2″X12′ Twist Eye 2Ply


  • Twist Eye
  • 2Ply
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