Lanyard 3′ with Rope Grab attached
Lanyard 3′ with Rope Grab attached

Guardian Fall Protection 3′ shock absorbing lanyard with snap hook. Includes a pre-attached rope grab for easy connection to a rope lifeline.


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Lanyard Chain Double Rebar Hook
Lanyard Chain Double Rebar Hook

The Guardian Fall Protection Rebar Positioning Device is perfect for Work Positioning applications on rebar structures. Its double legs allow workers to lean away from walls, while keeping their hands free to perform any necessary work. To function correctly, it must be used in combination with a full-body harness with side positioning D-rings, so that both snap hook components can be properly attached.


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Grab-R Rope Grab No Extension
Rope Grab

The Guardian Fall Protection removable Rope Grabs are easy to install and designed to lock automatically when a fall occurs. This rope grab model is designed to fit 5/8 inch to 5/16 inch thick safety ropes. Simply squeeze to move positioning device and it will lock automatically.

Size: 1/2″-5/8″


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