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EN1050 Nails Common #6D 50-Lb
EN1060 Nails Duplex #6 50Lb
EN1075 Nails Common #8D 50-Lb
EN1080 Nails Duplex #8 50-Lb
EN1100 Nails Common #10D 50-Lb
EN1125 Nails Common #16D 50-Lb
EN1130 Nails Duplex #16 50-Lb
EN1150 Nails Common #20D 50-Lb
EN1165 Nails Common #30D 50-Lb
EN1170 Nails Common#40D 50-Lb


  • For construction, carpentry, and framing
  • Checkered countersunk head designed to sink flush with surface
  • Vinyl-coated smooth shank for easier nailing and firmer holding power
  • Conforms to ASTM F1667
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